Dickinson rising bayou, tributary levels monitored

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– Dickinson residents are on high alert as authorities continue to monitor a developing tropical depression headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Hymie Sukiennik said any heavy rain event brings bad flashbacks and anxiety for him and other Dickinson residents. More than a foot of water seeped into his home during Harvey and Monday night’s downpours left his street flooded for much of the day on Tuesday.

“We worry every time we get a heavy rain that it’ll get in our homes, in our cars and we’ll be stranded,” said Sukiennik.” As it is, our neighborhood is already saturated with water. Any more rain isn’t going to make the situation any better.”

Sukiennik lives just a block away from Hughes Road Elementary. He said the entire road leading into his neighborhood was inundated on Tuesday morning, impassable by car and leaving him stuck inside his home, unable to get to work.

“This is only a few inches of rain but the drainage isn’t that great,” said Sukiennik.

Although the storm brought just a few inches of rain to Dickinson, water levels at Dickinson Bayou rose several inches, overflowing into the boat ramp dock and flooding nearby benches and signs.

Dickinson City Administrator Chris Heard said the city is now looking at alternate ways to improve how flooding is handled, after it was one of the most devastated areas during Harvey.

“We’re looking at several different options including additional detention, better drainage and also having some enhanced screen space where water can simply pond,” said Heard. He added that for now, the city will continue monitoring low-lying roads, areas prone to flooding, the bayou and tributary levels, as well as any lingering, drainage issues.

Dickinson Independent School District said school will resume on Wednesday as usual, unless otherwise stated. Any changes regarding cancellations or delays will be posted to the Dickinson ISD website and social media platforms, so parents should monitor those roads before heading out the door.