New Hanover County jail preps for Florence

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New Hanover County jail preps for Florence (Source: WECT)

District Attorney Ben David and Judge J Corpening were holding court Wednesday afternoon trying to make more space at the county’s jail.

They did so by allowing inmates with low-level misdemeanors to be released on their own recognizance. Other inmates were transported to other detention facilities.

“There is a vacancy sign on our jail,” said David. “We have room for people who are going to show the worst in humanity during this. If that means going into unoccupied homes because people have left or looting property that’s exposed to the elements or price gouging that comes in the wake of clean up.”

David made it perfectly clear that law enforcement is ready to do their jobs.  

“So, if there is anyone who were to come into this community to try to take advantage of this situation, we have a bed for them, and it’s not at the shelter, it’s at the New Hanover County jail.”

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