‘Free and American.’ Man in just boxers waves US flag in face of Hurricane Florence

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As Hurricane Florence approached the Carolinas, Lane Pittman decided to crowdfund money to face off against the powerful storm.

Pittman is no stranger to standing up against a strong hurricane while armed only with an American flag and his steely resolve.

Millions of people viewed a video of Pittman — who is from Jacksonville Beach, Florida — as he withstood the brunt of Hurricane Matthew when it hit Florida in October 2016, The Kansas City Star reported at the time.

He wrote on the 2016 video’s caption that he “had a request for some hair action during the ’cane.”

“I granted it,” he wrote.

But that wasn’t all: Pittman made a dramatic return during Hurricane Irma when it struck Florida last year.

So as Hurricane Florence neared the coast, Pittman made a GoFundMe Page titled “Send Lane to fight Florence” so he could do it again a third time.

“Pay for my gas/coffee and I’ll go fight Hurricane Florence,” the page read. “MERICA BABY!!! We stick together.”

After raising nearly double his original $150 goal, Pittman managed to get to Myrtle Beach during the storm.

And the video was, well, what you would expect.

As of Friday afternoon, nearly 200 people had retweeted the video, which shows Pittman standing against the strong storm winds as his American flag rapidly shakes. Pittman is seeing wearing nothing but underwear.

A Fox Business Network reporter interviewed Pittman after his dramatic display.

“You’re naked, and the audience wants to know … what is in your head to be outside in this weather right now, not wearing any clothes” the reporter is heard asking.

His response: “Just being free and American, man.”

The reporter then asks if he’s just trying to become famous.

“Look,” he replied, “I’ve already been viral.”