WATCH: Water rescues underway in New Bern as Hurricane Florence lashes North Carolina coast

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Water rescues in New Bern started just hours after Hurricane Florence made landfall Friday morning.

Before sunrise, the Category 1 storm had already dropped several feet of rain.

Because of that rainfall, at least 150 people were waiting to be rescued after water levels reached 10 feet.

Several volunteers offered to help use private boats to pitch in and help those who were trapped.

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One group even became so desperate that they used an air mattress to rescue one woman.

ABC11’s Julie Wison caught up with that group, who was from Greenville, as they made several rescues throughout the day.

While helping a woman, her baby, and her mother, Wilson saw one of the women struggling to save her dog and didn’t hesitate to jump in and offer a helping hand.

During a Facebook live, Wilson picked up the injured Rottweiler and helped carry it to safety.

At 10 a.m., Governor Roy Cooper told ABC News that at least 100 people have been rescued from New Bern.

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