Port City Community Church opens doors for hurricane relief supply drive

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Volunteers from the Port City Community Church during their hurricane relief supply drive. (Source: WECT)

As Hurricane Florence relief efforts continued today, Port City Community Church reopened their doors to the public.

They weren’t open for church services today, but instead, a different type of service. They passed out free supplies to people in the community.

They had an assembly line of supplies including water, fruit, non perishable snacks, meals ready to eat (MRE’s) and even toys for kids.

In their parking lot was a station for people to get their chain saws sharpened so they could continue cutting down uprooted trees and debris in their yards.

One woman, Kayleigh Keithline, said her and her family lost everything in the storm so she is grateful to the church for doing this for the community.

“We’re just trying to get whatever we can,” Keithline said. “We’re out of food. Nobody’s really selling anything cause everybody’s bought everything. So it’s good. The kids are happy. They got little toys in the bags. It’s better than nothing.”

The church plans in continue their supply drive tomorrow as a drive-through until they run out of supplies.

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