Serious flooding, damage in south Charlotte…

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– Cleanup efforts are now underway in south Charlotte after Florence pummeled parts of the area. 

South Charlotte took the brunt of the storm in Mecklenburg County. The storm caused streets to flood and trees to topple over. 

“They showed me the damage and I was like ‘wow’,” one young neighbor in Myers Park told FOX 46.

Florence dumped nearly eight inches of rain across the Queen City– enough for one man to lose his car.

“I feel very sad about it because it’s been with me for almost four years it’s a very good car I never expected and it’s an unlucky day for me,” the owner of the wrecked car said. 

The aftermath has certainly kept tree removal crews busy.

“We’re already booked up until Wednesday. People just keep calling,” an employee said, 

A few miles away Old Providence Rd. is still closed as crews remove a tree that fell on a power line.

“So grateful, unbelievably so,” said John Miller.

Sitting under an American flag, Miller says he’s grateful his home was spared.

“Our concern was those trees coming onto the house which did not happen thank the Lord,” Miller said. 

On Sunday, his backyard, along with several of his neighbors’, transformed into lakes a more than 12 inches deep. 24 hours later the water has completely receded. 

“The water was all the way to the bottom of the swing, a foot and a half,” he said. 

In ten years, miller says he’s never seen it this bad, but life isn’t back to normal just yet. He’s still waiting for his street to re-open.

“A little more patience and we ought to be ok.”