2 people saved in dramatic Little River bridge rescue after Florence flooding

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FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina —

North Carolina resident John Hansen captured drone footage of the dramatic rescue of a couple caught in flooding from Hurricane Florence near Fayetteville on Monday.

Michael Morris and Kathy Griffin found themselves in danger when they tried to cross a flooded road near Little River in Harnett County. Morris lost his balance and the pair were swept off their feet by the fast-moving water, carrying them towards the road’s guard rail.

Morris says they were clinging for dear life for about 20 minutes before three good Samaritans heard their call of help.

“She kept going under, and I would lose my footing, until I could find the asphalt,” Morris explained. “I would pick her back up and put her on the guard rail.”

The three strangers waded into the flood water to carry them to safety just as Griffin started to slip under the bridge.

“Everybody’s safe, that’s what I’m talking about. Nobody’s gonna die, not on my watch,” one of the men said.

“She was screaming for help, and they weren’t going to get there in time,” another of the rescuers said.

The fire department arrived later and the couple thanked the men who saved their lives.

One of the unidentified good Samaritans said he was trying to find a way out of the neighborhood with his family.

“I’m guessing God was like, ‘This is the route I need you to do,'” the man said.

Morris added this should serve as a reminder to anyone never to try to cross floodwaters.