Lumberton woman violated by Hurricane Florence twice when home floods and thieves break-in

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Cathy Johnson, an employee at the Lumberton Country Inn & Suites feels violated twice by Hurricane Florence’s impact.

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First by the storm’s fury and then by thieves.

“It’s devastating,” Johnson said.

Since Friday, Johnson and her husband, Lon, have been taking care of storm evacuees at her hotel after guests were flooded out of a nearby hotel.

“We gave them love and nourishment. We don’t even have power here,” Johnson said.

The couple’s house also lost power and flooded.

“We went to go check on our home, we had been broken into, and for you to be going through a devastating time like a storm and for someone to invade your home that’s a hurting thing,” Johnson stated.

The Johnsons said thieves kicked in the back door and swiped their electronics, jewelry, handgun, and peace of mind.

But not their spirit

Even in the midst of dealing with their own personal turmoil, the Johnsons said they are focused on helping others.

That means providing shelter and encouragement to guests from the coast who can’t get back home.

“Even though you’re going through a rough time, sometimes you’ve got to forget about self and look out for somebody else,” Johnson said.

The couple is staying at the hotel to provide food and comfort to the remaining guests living off a generator.

The Johnsons said the thieves also targeted other homes in their neighborhood.

They have contacted the police and their insurance company.

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