Saffo: More flooding to hit downtown Wilmington this weekend, early next week

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Mayor Bill Saffo, City of Wilmington (Source: WECT)

Downtown Wilmington could see additional flooding – up to three or four feet – this weekend or early next week, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said Wednesday.

“If you’re there, take precautions now,” Saffo said during a media briefing.

Saffo said price gouging also has become a concern in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. He said about 650 complaints have been filed statewide with most involving gas or water.

To report price gouging, go to or call 1877-5-NO-SCAM,

New Hanover County Manager Chris Coudriet also addressed multiple topics:

On those traveling to Wilmington:

“If you evacuated, stay where you are if you can. Routes in are continually changing. There is a way out on smaller roads but those roads can’t sustain major traffic.”

On power outages:

Coudriet said there are about 49,000 people without power and that Duke Energy is expecting to have all power restored no later than by 11:45 p.m. Sunday.

On the points of distribution:

Approximately 3,500 vehicles went through the points of distribution sites Tuesday to get supplies. He said the county has received a new supply of water and MREs. More tarps are on the way.


“FEMA is on the ground today,” Coudriet said. “171 support staff have been deployed to Wilmington. An additional 100 will be here by week’s end. They will have one-on-one meeting with residents to address their immediate needs and discuss available benefits. They’ll go door-to-door to do registration.”

On shelters:

Hoggard High School is being used as a shelter by 471 people. It will remain open until no longer needed.

Coudriet also addressed those bussed to shelters in Raleigh and Winston-Salem last week.

“Those transported inland to shelters last week, we are working to bring you back to our community as soon as possible as long as it is safe and practical,” he said.

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