Florence flooding: Fayetteville sees 12 more inches of rain than usual in September

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Many areas of North Carolina saw more than average rainfall in September and the year thanks to Hurricane Florence.

Of the reports from the National Weather Service in Raleigh, Wilmington had the most rainfall with 86.40 inches fallen this year — almost 4.5′ above last year.

The Piedmont area came in second with just over 3.2′ from 2017.

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Month to date: 7.62 inches

Normal value: 2.97 inches

Over: 4.65 inches

Since Jan. 1: 42.03 inches

Normal value: 32.51 inches

Over: 9.52 inches

Over last year: 37.68 inches

Fayetteville Regional Airport

Month to date: 15.29 inches

Normal value: 2.83 inches

Over: 12.46 inches

Since Jan. 1: 44.88 inches

Normal value: 34.26

Over: 10.62 inches

Over last year: 35.51 inches

Piedmont Triad International Airport

Month to date: 8.82 inches

Normal value: 2.84 inches

Over: 5.98 inches

Since Jan. 1: 43.09 inches

Normal value: 31.63 inches

Over: 11.46 inches

Over last year: 37.25 inches


Month to date: 23.83 inches

Normal value: 5.16 inches

Over: 18.67 inches

Since Jan. 1: 86.40 inches

Normal value: 44.13 inches

Over: 42.27 inches

Over last year: 51.15 inches

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