Plaza Midwood donates to Hurricane Florence victim

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– A UHaul full of supplies will leave Plaza Midwood Thursday morning and head to Wilmington. 

The truck is full of water, non-perishable foods, hygiene products and other life-saving donations. 

Charlotte based company, Phillips Management, is located in the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood. They spearheaded the donation drive.

Workers already had the truck nearly full with $10,000 worth of supplies mainly from their company’s on budget. They wanted to give their community the opportunity to also contribute.

So employees setup their donation truck across from the Plaza Midwood Harris Teeter, located on the corner of Central Avenue and The Plaza. 

They held signs that read, “donate to Wilmington,” approached people walking in and out of the store to ask for their help and also chanted, “ don’t wait, donate,” along the nearby streets. 

For two hours, people showed up to donate supplies. 

“This is amazing,” one employee said. “People in our neighborhood are really stepping up.”

Workers plan to separate the donated supplies into personal bags and distribute them to those in the hardest hit areas in Wilmington.

They are expecting their drive to be longer than usual since many roads remain impassible to the coastal city following the storm.