SC woman sheltered furry best friends who left their home during Hurricane Florence

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Two friends endured Hurricane Florence together. Although it might have caused them to evacuate their home, they stayed together.

At least that’s what one South Carolina woman believes after she found them.

The friends are a dog and a sheep.

And Wanda Cooper started a campaign on Facebook to help reunite them with their proper owner.

“If anyone in the Inman area have lost these two I have them. It’s a dog & his sheep,” Cooper posted on Facebook. “They are so sweet. Only in the country. Lol.”

Cooper reported on Facebook that she has provided the unlikely couple a place to rest and food. But the sheep did not eat until the dog did.

“The sheep follows the dog everywhere & does what ever the dog does,” Cooper posted, calling them best buddies. “The dog started eating so did the sheep. The dog laid down so did the sheep. It’s so cute.”

She also wrote that she spoke to a sheep owner, who told Cooper the dog and sheep likely grew up together and were pets. The man said the sheep accepted pets of affection, which he told Cooper was not natural.

Cooper also said he had a warning about separating the dog and sheep, telling her they might not survive if split apart.

In another Facebook message, Cooper reported that she reached out to the Inman Police Department and animal control to see if they knew anything about the missing animals.

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Cooper also asked all of her Facebook followers to share her posts in an effort to send the animals home.

It appears to have worked. Just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Cooper reported the owner had been contacted and was coming to pick the animals up.