Why our meteorologists say rumors that Florence will reform and hit the Carolinas are not true

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Many have been asking if another hurricane will hit the Carolinas within the next few days after models started circling on social media.
Rumor has it that Florence will push back into the ocean, reform, and hit land.

However, Meteorologist Steve Stewart said that’s not going to happen.

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While Stewart said a broad area of low pressure near Bermuda has formed in the wake of Florence, it’s nothing to worry about.

There is only a 20 percent chance the system will redevelop, but even if it did, Florence wouldn’t hit the Carolinas, Kirk would.

But don’t get worried yet. Again, Stewart said he sees a very low chance of that happening.

That’s because it’s in a less than perfect environment for strengthening with wind shear and dry air, not to mention water temperatures are cooler in the upper 70s.

So, there will likely be no tropical development in the next couple days; however, by early next week, less shear and dry air could allow for some strengthening.

No models are showing this solution as of now and a front would likely sweep up this storm out to sea by Thursday or Friday, bringing possible showers along the coast.

It’s worth watching but not worth getting worried about.

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