Woman watched Coast Guard rescue sister from Hurricane Florence flood – on the news

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A woman witnessed her sister being rescued from her Hurricane Florence-flooded home in Pender County, and she did so from her Greensboro home, according to television station WGHP.

Sandy Gil had the WGHP news on in the background Monday when she overheard mention of an elderly woman being rescued in Pender County, the report said. When she looked up, she saw a video clip of her sister Cindy being rescued by the Coast Guard, according to the report.

The video, obtained by The Charlotte Observer on Sunday, shows the woman Gil identified as her sister being hoisted by helicopter away from the porch of her Pender County home. The Coast Guard said the woman had run out of medication and had not been able to eat food or drink water for days.

“I know it might be a little scary, but we got you we’re going to take care of you, OK?” Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Steve Maccaferri assures the woman before the rescue.

Gil told WGHP she knew her sister had been rescued, but that to see it was both “a total shock” and a relief.

“I don’t have to worry about whether she’s being taken care of, or something getting her, or something happening,” she told the station.

Gil’s sister was among hundreds of residents who Pender County spokeswoman Tammy Proctor said had been rescued from flood waters there by Monday afternoon, The News & Observer reported.