Port City Disaster Relief group feeling love from around the country after Florence

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Just one car full of donations to be sent out to hurricane Florence victims Monday. (Source: WECT)

A group that never fails to give when disaster strikes in other parts of the country, is now on the receiving end.

Port City Disaster Relief, a group that collects and distributes supplies to disaster victims is now receiving donations from groups around the country to help victims of Hurricane Florence here in Southeastern North Carolina.

The group first came together in 2012 to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

They held a fundraiser, collected supplies, loaded up a U-Haul and took the items up to the hurricane victims.

Ever since then they have continued to do the same with other disasters.

This past week however, they were the ones receiving the donations.

Groups from around the country have been sending in supplies.

Now the Port City Disaster Relief group is hard at work distributing those supplies to hurricane Florence victims in our area.

One of the groups volunteers, Michael Braxton, said they’ve spent so much time giving back to others over the years that they never thought about what if something like that were to happen here at home.

“When anything happens, especially something of this nature, we’re going to step up,” Braxton said. “And it helps that we’ve gone to Harvey, we’ve gone to Houston. We’ve gone to the Keys with four and five U-Hauls before. We just never thought that we would be on the other end of it now. We’ve got so much help from everyone else that we’ve helped contribute to in the past.”

Braxton said there was no hesitation from groups around the country to bring supplies to our area.

The group is accepting donations from locals as well. You can drop off any donations to 15 Water St. in downtown Wilmington.

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