Renters left homeless after Florence

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— An untold number of renters find themselves homeless after Hurricane Florence damaged the homes or apartments where they lived.

Candy Self and Steve Satterfield were forced from their Wilmington home after a tree came crashing through the roof, followed by a stream of rain.

“We heard a big crash. The tree had come through, and a few minutes later, we heard gushing water coming through,” Self said.

“It was too dangerous to be in the house, so we had to get out. We had to leave,” Satterfield said.

When they returned after the hurricane, they found the home on Sycamore Hollow Drive, off Greeville Loop Road at Pine Grove Drive, an unlivable mess.

“We lost all of our furnishings, all of our belongings, everything we own,” Satterfield said.

The landlord, Fireside Rentals, told the couple they have to leave again so the damage can be repaired.

“[They said] it’s not safe to be in here and that we have seven days to get our stuff out,” Self said, adding that the couple have nowhere to go.

“We’re staying with some friends,” Satterfield said. “Thank the Lord above they are helping us. In the meantime, we’re waiting on FEMA.”

Because the couple didn’t have renter’s insurance, they face an uncertain future and are hoping the Federal Emergency Management Agency can provide assistance.