Volunteers help animal farm affected by Florence

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– Volunteers are helping get results for a local farm damaged by Florence.

Whispering Hope Farm has had to put all of its public events on pause as the clean- up process from the storm continues.

“We’ve been working on damage repairs for a week now,” said Whispering Hope Farm Manager Ashley Franks. “We cannot thank our volunteers enough.  We couldn’t do it without them.”

The volunteers are helping spruce up the place many animals call home.

“Florence took the power to the barn and the farm kitchen where we prepare bottles for the orphaned animals,” said Franks.  “It destroyed the footing in our arena and it took down dead tree limbs. It caused storm debris damage that we are still trying to correct.”

“The wind tore this place up,” said Volunteer Hannah Faile.  “It did not look like this last time. It really did some damage.”

“We have completely paused operations since the storm,” said Franks. “We haven’t been able to hold educational classes, our fall fest is on pause until we can get everything recovered.”

The farm’s main goal is to educate the public on animals and livestock in a controlled environment while also rescuing animals and putting them into new homes.

“We figured this was our opportunity to come out and help,” said Faile.

“When people get overwhelmed, we like to step in and help out a little more,” said volunteer Chris White from White’s Remodeling and Construction.

Sand is now needed for the horse arena and the power in the barn has been out since last Saturday.

“Eventually we are hoping to look at our power today and see what it will take to raise the funds to run the new lines we now need,” said Franks.  “It has impacted our night checks– we can’t leave the lights on to deter coyotes and other predators.”

The people who run the farm are thankful for the community’s support.

“There are many ways people can help if they’ll reach out and contact us,” Franks said.

You can help by donating sand or your time on Mondays and Fridays.