After hurricane, couple moves everything out of home to be gutted

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Homeowners in Columbus County are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Florence. (Source: WECT)

Hurricane Florence destroyed roofs and homes across Delco in Columbus County. One couple’s home will have to be gutted after wind ripped off parts of the roof and water poured in.

Jim and Melinda Sowers estimate they emptied about five gallons of water every five hours from their home starting Friday. They said they filled any container they could find to try to keep up with the leaks, filling and emptying almost 40 total.

It started with a leak in their bedroom, and before they knew it — like so many others in the area — water was coming in their home from all angles.

The Sowerses worked 20 years for this home, and just finished making it their own.

“We finally got it and they gave us the keys to it and it was hopefully our dream come true for the rest of our lives, to retire at and sit on the porch and enjoy this hot sun and sweat a little bit,” Jim said. “But it’s in shambles right now.”

Mold is growing fast in the home, and tarps cover their roof.

The couple is moving out what they can salvage into storage, and putting what they can’t in a pile in their front yard.

They’re waiting to hear from their insurance company, and plan to move in with their son and his wife until they can rebuild.

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