Asthma warning for victims of Hurricane Florence flooding

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Healthcare workers are warning victims of Hurricane Florence that they could encounter health problems during the cleanup.

Fifty local, state and national groups came together in Raleigh to help hurricane victims avoid those risks.

The meeting launched a three-day event featuring Healthy Hoops, a health program targeting asthma, one of the many potential health risks associated with surviving a flood.

Don’t play in the floodwater, health director warns

Cumberland County’s health director warns that the floodwater is toxic enough to send those who touch it to the emergency room.

The American Lung Association reports in the aftermath of flooding people can experience serious respiratory problems including wheezing, coughing and, in some cases, asthma attacks.

“Through the vehicle of basketball they’re going to get some best practices about how to manage their asthma both in terms of using an inhaler but also with some of the health,” said Eric Guckian CEO and President of United Way of the Greater Triangle. “Some of the things that may be in their house that they need to avoid like household products and mold and things like that.”

Participants in the Healthy Hoops program will learn best practices for cleaning up after a flood to avoid health risks.

Healthy Hoops was launched in 2002 to address increased asthma diagnoses among children and a spike in asthma-related emergency room visits.

AmeriHealth Caritas, a national leader in Medicaid managed care and other healthcare solutions for people in need, is organizing Healthy Hoops at the following locations:

This is the schedule for the three-day program:

Sept. 26th – Elizabeth City (Boys & Girls Club of the Albemarle, 320 N. Road St.)

Sept. 27th – Charlotte (Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, 940 Marsh Road)

Sept. 28th – Raleigh – (Boys & Girls Club of Wake County, 701 Raleigh Blvd.)

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