Florence's threat remains strong in Bladen County

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— As North Carolina continues to recover from the relentless pounding delivered by Hurricane Florence, there are parts of the state that remain completely cut off from everyone.

Some rural areas of North Carolina have been hit hard by Florence and they’re still not free from the threat of flooding.

According to Bladen County Emergency Services, residents of Kelly were still being evacuated Sunday.

Getting into Kelly has been difficult, as standing water has blocked North Elwell Ferry Road, the main route that leads to the town.

Emergency Services has cleared Route 53 to access Kelly, but that creates a two hour detour and residents are urged to drive with caution.

It’s evident the work in Bladen County is far from over, which is why Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church is still gathering supplies more than a week after the storm.

“Kelly and some of those residents had to be evacuated by helicopter because the water was so high regular vehicles could not enter,” said Bladen County Commissioner Arthur Bullock.

The goal is to give to those who have lost nearly everything.

“There are a lot of individuals out there that have problems with their homes, they’ve lost food, clothing. We have a clothing closet here as well as a food pantry,” Bullock said.

The church’s mottos is to “reach up and reach out” and church members said they’ll continue to reach out to residents impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Schools in Bladen County will remain closed until Oct.1, which is when officials hope the roads will be safe for travel again.