Mosquito spray in Chesterfield Co. after Florence

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– Betty Burr lives in Chesterfield County. The 91-year-old woman has been using a lot of bug spray following Hurricane Florence.

“I bought bug spray, they’re terrible, we just can’t come out in the yard at all without the bug spray,” Burr said. “Oh those bugs, I despise them.”

Burr believes she’s seen more bugs, including mosquitoes, lingering outside her home. That’s to be expected because of the lingering flood water left over after the storm. It became a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“Oh, they’re awful. They bite and hurt. Itch. And they bite you all around your ankles and all over the place,” Burr said.

She’s excited to hear that emergency management officials have hired people to do mosquito spraying across the county this week. It’ll take about six days to complete.

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“I’m just so glad they’re coming to spray, especially after Hurricane Florence,” Burr said.