Hurricane Michael could delay road repairs

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– NCDOT crews are working hard across the Carolinas to repair roads that were damaged by Hurricane Florence. In the Charlotte area, NCDOT officials say 13 roads remain closed. Seven of those closed roads are in Stanly County.

The only driving seen on River Road in Stanfield is construction workers using heavy equipment.

“This is a shortcut, so it has made a difference,” said neighbor, Wilda Yow.

For about a month her road has remained closed after a small portion was washed away by heavy rain.

“No, it never really floods through here because of our hills.”

But Hurricane Florence was a different kind of storm. In fact, 13 roads in the Charlotte area remain closed because they were damage during Florence. In Albemarle, a portion of airport road was washed away. 

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The repairs along that stretch of road are almost complete, but Hurricane Michael could literally wash away the progress that has been made repairing the road.

“The potential is there, but we will have to wait and see after the storm passes through and go back to those areas we have been working on,” said Jen Thompson from NCDOT.

NCDOT crews will be trying their best to build back up any roads that are still damaged. NCDOT officials say the goal was to have Florence repairs complete by the end of October or early November, but Hurricane Michael could delay that timeline.

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