Hurricane Florence's aftermath includes mold, mildew in Cumberland County homes

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Walking through William Parker’s home in the King’s Quarters apartments at Jack Britt, you can’t help but notice the pungent smell of mold and mildew.

“It’s kind of a nauseating smell. The spots are visible and dark,” Parker said. “I don’t understand why we still have to pay it and we can’t live here. There is a sign on my door that says no power.”

Residents at the Fayetteville apartment complex say they were being forced to pay rent despite water damage from Hurricane Florence.

ABC11 asked the regional property owner why residents are required to pay rent despite the impacts of Florence. We were told they don’t discuss residents’ business.

Mold is rapidly growing throughout Parker’s home on nearly every baseboard. The unlivable conditions forced him and his wife into staying with family and hotels.

“Once you get a bad taste in your mouth, you tend to not want to deal with them anymore,” Parker said.

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