University Community Relations Alliance meeting kicks back up after Hurricane

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The Alliance is made up of organizations from the University and the city of Wilmington. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Things are starting to get back to normal at UNCW after Hurricane Florence. Today, the university held a Community Relations Alliance meeting to work on it’s relationship with neighbors.

“I’ve really enjoyed working on this alliance because it keeps us in contact with the police and the campus police,” College Acres Good neighbors Association President Leroy West said.
After some time away, UNCW got back to business with their Community Relations Alliance Meeting.

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The alliance is made up of organizations from the University and the City of Wilmington. One topic of concern is how to deal with noise complaints just off campus. A partnership between the Wilmington and University police has helped the issue and has shown some results so far.

“There are more and more and more students infiltrating the areas around the campus that are commonly and historically been long-term homeowners. As they move out, rental companies are buying them up and filling them with students, and there are a new set of students every semester or every school year, and the problem is a revolving door,” Wilmington Police Dept. District Commander Lt. Mat Ingram said.

The University says law enforcement has handled 53 noise violations so far this year. Some neighbors say they’ve noticed a difference and hope it continues.

“We want the students in our neighborhood to be good neighbors and we try to give them an opportunity to do that and we hope they do,” West said.

The University and Wilmington Police say they will continue their work to make sure neighbors and students on Rose Avenue, College Acres Drive, Nash Drive, Hillsdale Drive, Andover Drive, and Carleton Place live in peace.