Harrisburg neighbors deal with flooding

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– Flood waters washed out a portion of Pharr Mill Rd in Harrisburg on Thursday, but residents take it all in stride. 

“Most of the people that lived out here have lived here 20-30 years, so it’s not a big deal to anyone. We just kind of go with it,” neighbor Lynn Minton said. 

Minton is one of many in the area who just go with the flow when there’s a heavy rain. She lives just up the street from where the flooding occurs and tells me she isn’t one bit surprised the bridge has flooded again.

“Whenever we get a good bit of rain usually if it’s a day or so then it’s fine, but once it hits three, four, five days, then definitely it’s going to start,” Minton said of the heavy flooding on the road. 

She tells FOX 46 that the road closes down around ten times a year. Since she moved in seven years ago, better signage keeps locals aware of the high water threat. For these residents, it’s just the price they pay for living here. 

“It’s the way of life when you live out here.”