West fork of San Jacinto River sees some flooding

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After rain fell on Harris County Friday and Saturday, those that live along the San Jacinto River saw some flooding. Along the south side of the river some areas saw high water, including Moonshine Hill Road. On the north side, Forest Cove Drive also saw flooding.

Mickey Gibson says his house flooded during Harvey and that now he prepares by looking at when the water will crest.“It’s important that we get crest height information as quickly as we can in rainfall amounts and where they are, that is, what gives us an idea of what we can do and we actually have three options, we can stay, go and we actually have a flood mitigation system that we purchased to put around the house. It’s 3 foot wide to about 40 foot long you fill it with water and basically ring the house and you put a sub pump here in a sub pump there for the leakage, you can usually pop it back out”, says Gibson.