Melting snow, incoming rain could cause flooding

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– The leftover snow and ice is expected to melt with the upcoming rain, and could cause flooding in some areas. 

“We can handle two to three inches of rain in a 24-hour period, but if you have an inch worth of liquid in that snow, now you went from two to three to three to four.”

Melted snow is already pooling on Gilead Rd. near Bradford Hill Ln. at the entrance of the Cedarfield Park neighborhood.

“I was driving today in Tega Cay and south Charlotte area for work. Not much snow there, but up here I was surprised to see how much snow there is still standing.”

FOX 46 meteorologist Britney Hamilton says the combination of melting snow and ice with the one to three inches of rain could cause flooding.

“We’ve been out clearing out the blockages on some of the creeks and streams. We were on Four Mile Creek and Reedy Creek today and removing the last of the blockages. Now, we’re just going to make sure everything is flowing.” John Wendel said. 

Wendel works with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, and says he’ll be watching the creek levels through the county’s network of rain gages and creek cameras.

“The worst could be along the Catawba river because you have so much snow melt and rain upstream from the mountains, foothills, through the piedmont. That could be a couple day event,” Wendel said. 

Yvonne Howder says she’s ready in case creek levels rise into her backyard in the Cedarfield Park neighborhood.

“We do keep our kayaks ready in case we need them,” said Howder.