Resident says Florence damage is severely affecting her health

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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Residents are still battling with damage from Hurricane Florence. One Creekwood resident says the damage is so bad, her health gets worse every day.

Jennifer Campbell been fighting with the Wilmington Housing Authority to make repairs.

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“To me, it’s ridiculous,” said Jennifer Campbell.

Campbell says she has reached her breaking point.

Campbell says Hurricane Florence caused water damage inside her Creekwood home and it led to mold. A hazard she says is now affecting her health.

“The smell in here is awful. This is something we have to inhale everyday, and its been going on for three months. Sometimes my chest will hurt or I can get up in the morning and maybe be in here for about 10 minutes and my head starts hurting,” said Campbell.

Campbell says the leak began behind her washer and dryer. Campbell says it took two months to get a contractor out.

Now she is left with an open wall and the mold covering parts of her home.

“I’ve gone up there physically so many times. I’ve called them. Half of the time, they don’t answer the phone. I leave messages. They don’t call back. I can’t even count on my fingers the amount of times I’ve complained. The amount of times I’ve tried to be patient,” said Campbell.

Katrina Redmon with the Wilmington Housing Authority says they have been helping everyone who has reached out.

“Everything is dried in. So the stopping of further damage or leaks and stuff, that was done way back in September,” said Katrina Redmon.

Campbell says she has not been able to get anyone at the WHA to listen though. She has already started packing up her home.

“I have to take precautions of my own. I have to just move because it’s not healthy for me.”

Campbell worries that if she stays here, she is putting her life at risk.

Redmon says Campbell should give them another call. Redmon says they have teams still working on rebuilding and taking care of damage from Florence.