Julius Peppers donates hundreds of dollars in gift cards to Fayetteville hurricane survivors

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It’s no secret that Hurricane Florence survivors have been through a lot, but things are starting to get better for dozens of victims in Fayetteville thanks to Carolina Panther’s star Julius Peppers.

“He’s been giving back in other areas but still knew that Cumberland County was the hardest hit,” said United Way of Cumberland CEO, Robert Hines.

ABC11 was with Peppers back in October when he helped rebuild a Lumberton Police Officer’s home.

Although he was not able to attend Wednesday, his giving spirit was still present.

His foundation teamed up with the United Way to donate hundreds of dollars in gift cards to Hurricane Florence survivors in Fayetteville.

“It’s been pretty tough. I mean we haven’t been unfortunate as many others but it’s been tough,” said Jessica Robinson.

Sarah Justice told ABC11 that she could relate. “I had roof damage and it’s still leaking on in the inside. It’s so hard to get a roofer so I had to leave because I have asthma,” said Justice.

The gift cards won’t solve everything, but for Jessica Davis and her newborn, it’s a sign of a fresh start.

“Just moving forward and building up,” said Davis.

While the survivors gained a few extra bucks, Julius Peppers gained a few extra fans.

“Yes, I’ll be a fan,” said Sarah Justice.

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