Rebuild continues almost 6 months since Hurricane Florence

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A Burgaw woman continues to rebuild after Hurricane Florence. (Photo: Monique Robinson/WWAY)

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  It has been almost 6 months since Hurricane Florence hit our coast. It displaced thousands of residents.

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity is tackling this disaster head on by joining forces with Pender County as a long term recovery effort.

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“What we’re trying to do is for people that are displaced due to Hurricane Florence, we’re trying to fast track their process, obviously, because they’re in need of housing,” said Rebuild Coordinator Jennifer Anderson.”The home ownership program has been something we’ve always done. Rebuild is brand new to us because of the need we saw in the community.”

Annie Simmons Walker recently suffered a stroke and, as a single, elderly woman, repairing her home is a big challenge financially, and physically.

Could Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity be the blessing she needs?

Walker’s front porch is overflowing with her personal items blocking her home’s front view because Hurricane Florence damaged her roof which wasn’t fully repaired after Hurricane Matthew.

“I don’t have a little peephole so, after they get on the porch, I don’t know who it is and if I don’t recognize their voice then I’m scared to open the door,” said Walker.

The roof tarp is also blocking Walker from looking out of her bedroom window.

“What we had done for [Matthew] is all back off again…the shingles and whatever goes under the shingles which has made more water come in,” said Walker. “The septic tank doesn’t work. The heater sometimes works when it wants to.”

With more medical and personal bills to count, Walker says she cannot afford to owe any more loans. But, looking for answers to help, she was first in line at the Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity Rebuild Assistance Event Friday morning in Burgaw.

“Depending on income eligibility and some different things, our program is able to help people do some of those repairs to their homes,” said Rebuild Coordinator Jennifer Anderson.

Just weeks after Hurricane Florence, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity designed the disaster rebuild program to help low to moderate income homeowners who have damage from Hurricane Florence and need assistance to rebuild. The group is also offering a fast tracked home ownership program.

“We have land that we’d like to build on,” said Home Ownership Services Manager Amy Davis. “[These] brand new homes [can help] get people who can’t walk into a bank and get a home loan normally.”

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity works to give everyone the chance to own a home and allows low to moderate income families to enjoy the benefits of being a homeowner.

Find details below to the additional application drive and information sessions by Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity at their sites across the Cape Fear:

  • Burgaw Restore on March 23rd from 12 PM to 4 PM
  • Ogden Restore on March 9th from 12 PM to 4 PM