Are some homes worth the renovation after Hurricane Florence?

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A realtor says some homes are still in demand after Hurricane Florence. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Slowly but surely, homes are being rebuilt after Florence. But are these homes worth the investment?

One realtor says the homes in Stoney Creek are proving to still be in demand.

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Eight homes in the neighborhood are getting a second chance after being flooded out by Florence. Realtor Kirk Pugh says this could be a much better opportunity than some think.

“They were not worthless in their damaged state, and they’re certainly not worthless in their fully renovated state,” Pugh said. “As I said, I think they’re probably worth more today, fully renovated, than they were in a 10-year-old condition, prior to the storm.”

Pugh says his client bought the homes after Florence. He says that an after-repair appraisal revealed the homes could be worth even more.

“You know, our advice to everybody today is, whether or not you’re in a flood zone, you should have flood insurance,” he said.

He says these eight homes will all have flood insurance to make this a better investment for the home buyers too.

Pugh says they have already finished one home, and that they got six offers in only 72 hours.

He says they hope to get the other homes on the market over the next few months.