Carolina Hurricanes help out Caps fan who lost meaningful hat during game

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RALEGH, N.C. (WTVD) — Like most sports fans, Ken Brasington has an attachment to his gear.

“It kind of describes who I am and where I’ve been,” said Brasington. “It means the world.”

It means the world because the 15-year-old hat has been around the world with the marine, including to Raleigh in December to watch the Capitals play the Carolina Hurricanes at PNC Arena.

All of a sudden, Alex Ovechkin’s hat trick wasn’t the only thing on the ice.

“My buddy next to me decided to take my hat off and throw it,” said Brasington. “He didn’t want to lose his Stanley Cup Champions hat.”

Brasington reached out to a beat reporter with the Washington Post who then put him in contact with the Carolina Hurricanes PR department. The PR department then reached out to the ice crew who picked up the hats.

“They said it was sitting on top,” Brasington said. “He never understood why somebody would want a hat like this back but he got it back to me.”

Typically, the players sign the hats and then donate them to a charity, but luckily for Brasington, he got a hold of his hat before any donations happened.

Brasington, a die-hard Capitals fan, said he gained a lot of respect for the Carolina Hurricanes throughout this process.

“Dealing with guest service, from them up, plus the product on the ice is amazing,” he said.

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