City of Taylor is slow to help with flood damage, family says

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AUSTIN, Texas — Weekend storms drenched Central Texas, dumping more than 6 inches of rain in communities like Taylor.

On Monday, neighbors like the Reynas on Burkett Street continued cleaning up.

Susie Reyna has worked to cut up and get rid of carpeting.

“Trying to get the carpet out first, before it starts getting molded,” said Reyna.

Storms have flooded Reyna’s home so many times now that she said she has lost count.

“It’s too many to count already,” said Reyna.

Something this traumatic is not easily forgotten.

“So sick that I hate coming home when it happens like this,” she said.

Video and pictures from previous storms show flooded streets and yards.

Reyna’s daughter, Laura, was at her mother’s home when this weekend’s storms hit.

She said the water came up so fast, they had to leave immediately.

“Let’s get some clothes and go because the streets get so bad where you can’t even back out of the driveway,” said Laura Reyna.

Susie Reyna said she is at her breaking point.

“It’s stressful,” said Reyna. “The city is not listening, it’s doing nothing. We tell them and tell them. They came out and looked and ok, we’re send somebody, I might as well sit down and wait, because nothing has been done.”


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Stacey Osborne is a spokeswoman with the City of Taylor. She said, “we realize that every flooded home is a problem, but I want you to know that the city has been working very hard to try to mitigate the drainage issues in the city.”

She also released the following statement:

“The City of Taylor is aware of multiple flooding incidents in the City during the rain event on April 6, 2019, in which we experienced over six inches of rain in a short period of time. We do not have an official estimate of the number of homes that experienced flooding during the storm, but we realize that flooding is an ongoing problem in low-lying areas of the city during severe rain events. To address the problem, over the past several years the City has adopted a Municipal Drainage Utility System (MDUS) program and hired a drainage engineer who is continually assessing the situation and helping us address the problem.

Public Works Director Jim Gray said that through the MDUS program, the City completed improvements in nine different areas of the City with drainage issues in 2018 that included more than 20 affected homes. The City also approved a bond of $2.3 million in March of this year specifically for the MDUS program, and has developed a priority list that includes more than 40 homes that have experienced problems with high water in the past. As funds become available, we are addressing the areas of the city that have the highest number of affected homes.

While we do not have a formal program in place for residents whose homes were flooded in this recent event, we have asked that they send us photographs of the flooding so we can report it to our drainage engineer for assessment. Public Works will also assist with cleanup efforts as needed. Photographs and locations can be sent to<>.”


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