Violent weather leaves behind damage in Pasadena

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– Parts of our viewing area experienced substantial damage during the severe weather warnings earlier Sunday afternoon, including Pasadena.

The intersection at Fairmont Parkway and Shaver in Pasadena was blocked off by police to keep cars and people safely away from fallen power lines, trees and massive branches that are now lying horizontally on the street.

Earlier Sunday, there was a tornado warning in effect in the area until 1 p.m. That was In addition to the heavy rains and strong winds gusting at up to 60 mph.

“I have lived here in Pasadena for 12 years and that’s never happened so I was scared. A lot of cars, it was crashing. I was scared, really, really. It was bad,” Fermin Gutierrez said.

Many of the power lines are still leaning over, and police and the fire department are closely monitoring poles to make sure they don’t completely tip over into the dozens of businesses nearby.