Halifax County storm damage was minor tornado

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— A woman was rescued from her home overnight when powerful winds damaged the structure.

With over 20,000 customers without power at one point, Halifax County experienced some of the worst storm damage as severe weather moved through early Monday. By late afternoon, crews had determined that an EF-0 tornado, with wind speeds of up to 85 mph was responsible.

As a result, Halifax County schools were operating on a two-hour delay.

Video shows severe damage to the home off N.C. Highway 48 in the Glenview community in Enfield. The roof blew off the home, and a bed was visible outside the home along with debris, which covered a van parked beside the home.

Officials said the woman, who lived in the home with her adult son, was sleeping inside but had to be rescued when debris blocked her door. She was not injured.

“I’m just thankful to be here,” said Brian Richardson, the homeowner. “When it came, it sounded like a train was coming…I made sure my mother was alright and started looking around the house..it’s a lot of cleanup. It’s real hard to look at it, but all I can do is thank God that we’re still here. That’s the main thing.”

Richardson said they will live with family and friends in the meantime.

“It just troubles me,” said Adam West, a local pastor working to help the family. “Nothing what we can do about God’s work but pick up the pieces and move on.”

At 6 a.m., 18,000 were without power in Halifax County, and several trees were still down.