Pop-up thunderstorms likely with a chance of severe weather this weekend

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A storm system will bring the potential for severe thunderstorms and pop-up showers across the Charlotte area this weekend. 

First Warn chief meteorologist Brad Panovich said the biggest concern from these storms won’t be tornadoes; instead, damaging straight-line winds could cause damage. There is good news, though. 

“If you’re worried about a washout in the forecast this weekend, there isn’t one,” Panovich said. “It’s the typical pop-up evening thunderstorms that are very typical of summer, they’re just a little early here in May.”

Panovich expects Charlotte to stay mostly dry all day Friday, but there’s the potential for a band of showers to push through the Charlotte area around 11 p.m. On Saturday, expect more dry weather until around 5 p.m., that’s when things change a little bit. 

“By seven o’clock, showers and storms are more of an issues and then it’s scattered,” Panovich said. “If you’re worried about rain, it’s going to be five, six, seven or eight in the evening and beyond.

“The time the worst weather is over us is really from about 7 o’clock Saturday night through 7 a.m. Sunday morning and then it gets better. If we can keep that timing like that, any strong storm chances are going to be confined to when most people are sleeping Saturday night.”

All outdoor activities and events Saturday night could be impacted by rain and the highest risk of storms will be late Saturday into Sunday. 

If you’re heading out to Quail Hollow Club for the Wells Fargo Championship, Panovich says weather shouldn’t be a concern most of the weekend, but Sunday’s early tee times could be delayed by rain moving through. 

“The heaviest rain is earl Sunday,” Panovich said. “If you’re up for the early tee times at 7 a.m., there’s likely going to be rain. But by 9 or 10, it’s all gone.