ATCEMS responds to at least 14 water rescues

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– First responders with Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services have responded to at least 14 water rescue calls. Severe weather, along with heavy rainfall and flooding, continues to impact the City of Austin and the surrounding areas.

As the old saying goes, stay indoors when thunder roars.

Although the heaviest rains seems to be departing the Central Texas area for Friday, May 3, low water crossings continue to be hazardous from rain and runoff from the rains. Drivers are being encouraged to stay indoors and if they must, to remember to exercise caution on the roads.

Experts remind people that if your vehicle does take on water to leave it and get to higher ground. Don’t try to start a car that’s taken on water. As always, turn around, don’t drown.

6″ of water can sweep an adult off their feet, 12″ can sweep a vehicle away! 

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