Storms bring flooding, strong winds to Kingwood

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KINGWOOD, Texas – Friday’s afternoon strong storms caused flooding and power outages across Kingwood.

“Oh, it’s crazy it was raining so hard I couldn’t see my neighbor’s house across the street it was crazy,” Tina Barber said. “I looked up the front door and it was way up over my curb, covered the bottom of my mailbox almost, and we didn’t even flood during Harvey.”

Paul Peterson, who lives in the Mills Branch neighborhood, shared video of the swirling rain and strong winds that passed through his street.

Major roadways like Kingwood Drive, North Park Drive and Lake Houston Parkway flooded, causing drivers to be stranded.

The parking lot of H-E-B and surrounding businesses flooded.

“I come outside and I see all flooded, inside and all around,” explained Oscar Galvan Jr. whose car flooded.

He was working at Torchy’s Tacos when the heavy rain filled up the parking lot with water. His recently paid off car was right in the middle of it.

“I mean it sucks. It sucks, it’s OK, it’s just a car,” Galvan said. “Tonight, we’re supposed to get more rain, but it’s kind of scary because I thought they fixed that with Harvey, but I guess not.”

Debris from mulch and tree leaves was left behind once the water receded.

The wind caused huge trees to snap. One tree fell on a woman’s car on Kingwood Drive. The tree fell on the driver’s side.

Andrew Bonomini, a tow truck driver for S&S Wrecker Service, said the woman was driving home when the tree fell on her car.

“She could hardly see, she sped up just a little bit to get into this parking lot and the tree smacked her before she could get into the parking lot,” Bonomini said. “She actually checked herself into the hospital directly behind us. Can’t believe she took that hit the way that she did.”

Kingwood High School also saw flooding.

In a statement, the principal wrote:

“Parts of our campus were impacted by today’s rain. Storm drains became overwhelmed and as a result about 3 to 4 inches of water leaked in through exterior doors at athletics entrances. Water spread across flooring in the weight room, athletics classroom and training room.

“Some fencing near the track and tennis courts became damaged. Carpet in the orchestra storage room became damp from a minor leak.

“I want to thank the staff and students on campus after school Friday who helped push out and mop up the water. Humble ISD already has crews at our school to assess needs.

“Classes will be held as normal Monday.”

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