Tornadoes leave damage in Fayette County

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LA GRANGE, Texas — Damage from two tornadoes is being reported from Fayette County after strong storms passed through Friday morning.

The National Weather Service said local storm reports came in while a tornado warning was still in place for damage to industrial buildings along Highway 71 near La Grange.

On Saturday the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-2 tornado occurred near La Grange and two EF-0 tornadoes occurred near Flatonia.

Fayette County EMS sent out a Facebook post on Friday morning showing damage to some of the buildings

Emergency management coordinator for Fayette County, Janet Carrigan, says it’s now soggy, wet, and is full of debris. There were no injuries.

Fayette County EMS and the sheriff’s office is surveying damage in the area. Most of the damage is concentrated along 71 west of La Grange. They are out looking for more damage as it’s a rural area.

“I just I don’t know what to say, I guess I’m in shock, I’m just in a daze, fog,” said Timothy Hayes. 

He said Friday was his first day on the job. 

“I was in the hell of my life for 30 seconds,” said Hayes.

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Another man wasn’t able to see shelter like the other approximate 75 employees. 

“I was in that metal building right there that’s missing a roof,” said Robert Bowen. “There was a water softener cylinder up against the wall that pinned my leg up against the wall so I couldn’t get out and the wind and the rain and I guess the force of the tornado picked me up off the concrete and the only thing that was on the ground was my leg that was pinned to the wall.”


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Fayette County EMS also reported that Mt. Zion Church on Egypt Road has significant damage. 

Kevin McCourt posted a video to Facebook of damage being reported to industrial buildings at McCourt & Sons, but thankfully no one was injured.

Local law enforcement also reported a possible tornado near Flatonia in Fayette County that has left some damage, but it is not clear yet what that damage may be.


2 tornadoes reportedly touch down in Fayette County as shower and storm chances continue

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