'Be cautious': Fort Bend Co. officials warn ahead of more rain, flooding

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FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — Communities in Fort Bend County are bracing for another round of wet weather. This comes as some residents continue to clean up from the rising water a few days ago.

Fort Bend County officials are using some of the things they learned from Harvey to better serve residents.

However, flash flooding is so unpredictable that it’s hard to be fully prepared for what may take place.

For example, most of the floodwater on Trinity Drive has receded but you can see some of the debris caught on a nearby fence.

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Tristan Fleck, a Fort Bend County resident said, “The water was still rushing over. You can see where it ate away at the other side of the road a little bit, right there actually.”

He’s now left picking up some of his things that were washed away by the rushing water.

Fleck has lived out in rural Fort Bend County his whole life and doesn’t remember it getting this bad.

“I’ve seen close to it with Harvey but not that fast… just four hours came up and it’s to where that line is on that barn over there,”Fleck said. 

Fort Bend County Judge KP George said it’s hard to plan for flash flooding events.

“That’s why we want our citizens to be cautious,” Judge George said. “Our land is so inundated with water so be cautious because you don’t know how much water is coming down.”

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Officials believe more than 150 homes have been flooded in the unincorporated parts of the county.

There are no evacuation orders in place even though more water is on the way.

Fort Bend County’s Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Flathouse said, “We are working with some of the subdivisions that we’ve known in the past to not be able to hold some of the amounts of water and we’re communicating with them and it will be a careful eye so that if an evacuation needs to be done, we’ll make sure that we have everything in order and time.”

Fleck is as prepared as he can be. He knows you can’t beat Mother Nature in a fight.

“I don’t think it’ll get worse than what it was but if it does, it is what it is,” Fleck said.

The county urges people to sign up for emergency alerts on their phones to get the latest information.

Text FBCAlert to 888777 to sign up.

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