Wednesday storms flood Austin

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– Wednesday storms flooded Austin, including close to Victor Ragon’s south Austin home.

“I got this place like two years ago and … I’ve never seen nothing happen like this before.” said Ragon. 

The new homeowner was hoping the Wasson Road home would be a safe place he and his family could call home. But with severe weather moving through the region, he is worried. 

Ragon’s home sits next to a low water crossing. On Saturday and Wednesday, Williamson Creek crossed over Wasson Road. Ragon’s house sits closest to the water line. 

Saturday, Ragon said the water came close to his house — he’s nervous it could flood. 

“Well yeah my kids, my family, [the water is] gonna keep going up and coming into the house,” Ragon said.

Ragon’s neighbor Sam Smith just moved in two weeks ago and on Wednesday, he was still figuring out the area, and trying to figure out how to get home, with the street flooded. 

“Well I’m not going home right now, that’s for sure, unless I’m swimming.” Smith laughed. 

Erring on the side of caution, Smith finally decided to walk, cutting through the woods. 

“I mean if you see some signs like that, ‘turn around don’t drown,’ you gotta do that, turn around.” Ragon stressed, pointing to warning signs near the low water crossing. 

Ragon said not everyone takes the advice. Sometimes cars try to cross the flooded bridge. 

Over on Bee Cave Road, The Finish Line general manager Matthew Beadles said he sees the same thing. 

“We’ve seen I think, maybe since I’ve been here five years… three, four, five, cars floating down the river. Yeah, so now [Austin Police] come out and put the barricades and the cops have to post up.”

Officers, worked to keep people and debris out of the flooded roadway. 

“It’s serious if you see water on the road, don’t try to cross it.” Beadles stressed.