Troubleshooter: Watch out for companies offering free roof replacement after storm damage

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They are called storm chasers, and they’re knocking on doors in our area after the hail and high winds last week that caused damage to several homes.

If their sales pitch includes that they can replace your roof for free, you need to be on guard.

Even though the word free is in there, the sales pitch could cost you.

ABC11 viewers tell me they are getting phone calls from roofing companies who tell them that storms caused damage to homes in their neighborhood.

While your roof may have damage, do not sign any paperwork when a contractor or someone shows up saying they can get your roof replaced for free.

Instead, first, call your insurance company. They can send an adjuster out to look at your roof for damage.

If indeed you do have damage, ask for pictures or video of it and then get bids from multiple roofing companies.
Research the company to see if they are local, and see how long they’ve been in business and what others are saying about their work.

Do not sign any agreement or contract without reading the fine print as there could be added fees on top of what your insurance company will pay.

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