Raleigh installing 16 new cameras to monitor flooding

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— New cameras being installed across Raleigh will help the city keep drivers safe when flooding and severe weather occurs.

One of the 16 new flood monitoring cameras is located at Wake Forest Road and Hodges Road, where rising water from the nearby Crabtree Creek has shut down the area in the past.

Before the cameras, crews relied on residents calling or emailing in about the trouble spots. City leaders hope the new monitoring tools will get crews out earlier to block off flooded roads and prevent drivers from going through them.

“Driving through flooded waters can be very risky business,” said Wayne Miles from the City of Raleigh’s Stormwater Management Division. “Ultimately, we are looking for ways to keep our citizens safe, and that’s what these cameras are aimed to do.”

The 16 cameras cost $46,000. Officials said the idea came across after Hurricane Florence. The city also plans to use the cameras as data when looking to make roadway and creek improvements.

Raleigh residents can view the stream gauges, repeat flood locations, the floodplain, flood monitoring cameras, and flood warning signs online.

The cameras will be installed at the following flood-prone locations:

  • Creedmoor Road and Crabtree Valley Avenue
  • Blue Ridge Road, Glenwood Avenue and Lead Mine Road Intersection
  • Wake Forest Road and Hodges Street
  • Avent Ferry Road and Trailwood Drive
  • Atlantic Avenue and Hodges Street
  • Anderson Drive, Oxford Road and Claremont Road
  • Lassiter Mill Road and Millstream Place
  • Garner Road at the greenway trail
  • Wilmington Street and City Farm (between intersection and Walnut Creek)
  • Capital Boulevard and Hodges Street
  • Gorman Street (between Avent Ferry Road and Walnut Creek)
  • S. Saunders Street at I-440
  • Lumely Road and Briar Creek Pkwy
  • Walnut Creek at Buck Jones Road
  • Walnut Creek at South State Street
  • Pigeon House Creek at Cameron Village

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