Marbach Road to Marbach River: Can anything be done about the serious flooding?

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Things may have been busy at the Healthy You Nutrition and Fitness center on Wednesday but if you drove by Tuesday afternoon, that wasn’t the case.

“It didn’t have to rain for such a long time for us to start noticing cars building especially on Marbach,” Healthy You business owner Sandra Barboza said.

Quick and heavy rain left cars struggling just around the corner of Sandra Barboza’s shop on Tuesday afternoon forcing her to cancel her evening workout class and close early.

“Our workouts are super important but we also want to stay safe so we just canceled because you never know sometimes,” Barboza said. “Depending on what you drive it could really affect you.”

It’s starting to affect her shop as well. Anytime the road floods Barboza sees less business, which is why she hopes city crews do something about it.

“Hopefully they consider all the families being affected,” she added.

But a quick call to the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvement Department hit a dead end, they told KENS 5 over the phone they’re not to blame but area construction from TxDOT could be causing the problem.

A project at the intersection of Marbach and Loop 410 has left this area under construction for the last two years.

But the roadwork could be the solution rather than the problem.

In a statement to KENS 5, TxDOT officials said, “Part of this construction project includes an upgrade to the current drainage system. Once those upgrades are completed, we expect this area to see a significant improvement in terms of drainage capacity and hopefully, we won’t be seeing the kind of roadway flooding we experienced yesterday.”

TxDOT officials expect that construction project to be complete by June 2020.