Extensive flood damage in Catawba County

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– Washed out roads and flooding are just some of the problems residents in Catawba County were left to deal with following weekend storms.

People living along 13th Street in Conover tried moving their cars and protecting their homes before the rain moved in however, the rushing water inundated their neighborhood forcing several people out of their homes.

Joanna Thomas was checking on her parents who’s home is on 13th Street and was surrounded by water. “The neighbor’s next door were evacuated, the fire department came and evacuated them out earlier this morning. But as far as I’m aware no one’s hurt it’s just going to be some more damage”, she said.

Catawba County declared a State of Emergency Sunday. 

“I thought this was pretty wild but I’m glad it’s not bigger than it is. Like hopefully this one can get fixed pretty quick. I’ve seen bigger, bigger messes. I’ve seen bridges that are completely washed out,” said Sabrina Cook. She was walking her dog down Sain St. where a 9 feet deep sinkhole forced the road to close leaving residents in Hickory with few options out of their subdivision.

“Our route to 321 I think is blocked. This is the South exit out of the neighborhood this is blocked. So I think Bethel Church Rd. might still be the only way we can get in and out of the neighborhood if it’s still open,” said Cook. 

In Hickory, flood waters washed out roads, forcing residents to find alternative routes. On 12th Avenue Southeast, multiple vehicles were swept into a ditch after the road gave way. NCDOT did not have an update on when the road would be prepared.