South Fork Catawba River floods backyards,…

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– People who live along the South Fork Catawba River spent Monday watching water levels and working to keep things dry.

“Hasn’t rained in 25 days, and in 24 hours, this is what we get,” one man told FOX 46.

The floodwaters took over this backyard overnight.

“All of this was garden,” nieghbor Ike Isenhour said. “My son was working it and working it and working it. He was working it the other day. All of it’s gone now.” 

The family salvaged what little veggies and plants they could, replanting them for the time being in barrels and crates. The more permanent items, they had to leave and hope the current doesn’t take them down stream.

With his chicken pen and house destroyed, Isenhour’s chickens now have free range to go wherever it’s dry, and it’s safe to say no one will be jumping on the trampoline submerged underwater. 

“It’s just something you have to deal with and when it comes, there’s nothing you can really do about it,” neighbor Herman Beaty said.

With water is hiding the path that leads to this dock and until the water recedes, all there is to do is watch.

Most people FOX 46 talked with Monday night say they knew the rain was coming and were prepared for it, removing anything that was close to the river’s edge.

“Plenty of things you can imagine floats down this river,” Isenhower said, “mostly tires and junk,” he continued, “I don’t know where they come from people just throw it in or what.”

The water began to recede late Monday and residents are hoping that it continues to do so through the night.