Tracking the tropics: Traveling during hurricane season

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Hurricane season also happens to be the time of year when several people are traveling due to summer vacations.

Going to destinations on the coast can put you at risk of coming in contact with a hurricane.

Knowing how to avoid putting yourself in this situation, and what to do if you end up in a hurricane anyway, is crucial.

“We recommend insurance really all the time because your hard-earned travel dollars should be protected, but particularly during hurricane season.”

Roni Fishkin is the marketing director for Mann travels. She says there’s a wide range of travel insurance options.

“You can get the Rolls Royce of insurance or you can buy basic insurance.”

Fishkin says it is vital that you speak with your travel professional about what you’re being protected against.

“Some insurances do not protect you if there’s a tropical occurrence, especially if the flights are still going and the hotels are still open.”

You won’t get any of your money back, that is unless you have “cancel for any reason insurance,” which covers weather events like a hurricane, but she also says it likely won’t cover everything.

“Most of those policies don’t cover 100% of your costs, and there’s very strict rules.”

Fishkin says just because there is a hurricane watch or warning posted, it doesn’t always mean you’re covered.

“Typically, insurance is not going to give you any money back if it’s just a hurricane warning or a storm watch, because what they’re looking for is closures.”

If you are about to plan your next vacation, watch for insurance policies that are very inexpensive but promise you extensive coverage. Fishkin says there are so many other factors.

“Sometimes insurances are based on age, so if you’re a young, healthy person your insurance may be less expensive than someone who’s in their 70s or 80s.”

If your heart is still set on the Caribbean during hurricane season, try other destinations that aren’t as prone to hurricanes.

“Typically, that’s farther south in the Caribbean, Aruba, Bon Air, rarely get hit by hurricanes.”

You may also want to consider a cruise.

“They can reroute the itinerary, they can go to other ports, they can miss the hurricane area and be out at sea.”

And if just having a peace of mind while traveling is at the top of your list, Mann travels has you covered with around the clock service.

“To help you navigate flight cancellations, hotel closures, just a long list of things that could happen in the event of a hurricane. you want someone to call.”