Storm threat not keeping Galveston tourists away

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– We always look to our coastal communities during times like these.

Tourists in Galveston aren’t letting the pending storm bother them, it’s just a normal summer day at the Galveston Seawall. People swimming, soaking up the sun, the only care on their minds is enjoying their vacation. Not that a tropical storm is looming in the Gulf.

“We were watching the news seeing how New Orleans is getting hit right now. I think we’re leaving before it actually gets here, we are leaving Friday morning,” said Julia Venegas of Fort Worth. 

Galveston residents say the weather comes with the territory, and always be prepared. The concern is usually tourists, but those we talked to are well aware. 

“I’m only here for a short time. So I’m not too concerned, but I have been watching the websites and we are aware that we need to bail out if that comes to it,” Mike Lomax tells FOX 26.

Blake Goodwin of Arkansas is staying through Sunday with his family. He tells us they will enjoy every moment, but will just keep an eye on the weather, and if it looks like it’s going to get bad then will take precautions then.

The storm is expected to make landfall in Louisiana on Saturday. That’s two days away, but officials are keeping a close watch, and want residents and tourists to have a plan in place.

Mark Henry, Galveston County Judge sends a reminder.

“As we talk about all throughout hurricane season make sure you have a plan, make sure you have a kit put together, and beyond that pay attention and monitor reliable news sources,” he says. “We went from level one to level two activation today, and we will monitor the storm, and if the storm warrants further escalation in the levels we will do that. Again, we’re not going to know that information until we get better, more accurate information in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Even if the storm misses the Galveston area, you want to be safe if you plan on getting in the water. Make sure you read the signs, and pay attention to the flag colors. You can also check out Texas Beach Watch.