Hurricane Barry forecast: Flooding the greatest threat for Louisiana

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HOUSTON — Tropical Storm Barry is getting a bit more organized and nearing the coastline of Louisiana. 

Barry is expected to make landfall early Saturday morning with winds near category one hurricane force of 70-75 mph. Barry will have life-threatening impacts along the Louisiana coast and inland, where rain totals could exceed 15 to 20 inches.

Heavy rain will continue across Louisiana both Saturday and Sunday.

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HOUSTON FORECAST: Increasing rain chance Friday and Saturday

Houston is on the “weak” or dry side of the storm. That does not mean we won’t see scattered thunderstorms from time to time. But for Friday night, it means a north breeze and lower humidity compared to a “normal” muggy July evening. 

Saturday: Rain chances go up to 40 percent with highs in the low 90s

Sunday: Rain chances stay at 40 percent with a few heavy thunderstorms possible. Highs near 90 degrees.


What do you need to do during a threat from the tropics?

  • Make sure you check on the weather at least twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Check your hurricane supply kits. Make sure you’re ready in the event we get a storm, which at this time remains very uncertain.
  • Go over your storm plan with your family. Where would you go? What route would you take if asked to evacuate?
  • Stay informed. Check in with us twice a day. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed so you don’t get caught off guard.



What are high pressure cells?

These are the steering currents that guide where a tropical storm or hurricane will make landfall.

Think of high pressure cells as bumpers. Hurricanes, as ferocious as they are, are lazy and don’t put up a fight with high pressure. They just go as they are told so-to-speak. As long as a high is over you, you’re good. The area of high pressure that was centered over us is backing westward and that will allow a small opening for a big moisture source.

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