Several Texas wildfires sparked by misused equipment, according to Texas A&M Forest Service

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Texas, the month of August, and wildfires don’t mix well.

And the fires have been happening often. Over the past week, Texas A&M Forest Service said that firefighters responded to six wildfires across the state of Texas which were the direct result of misusing outdoor equipment.

According to the organization’s website, equipment use remains a major cause of wildfires. Every year, individuals use chainsaws, weed eaters, lawn mowers, welders, grinders, bulldozers, farm harvesting equipment, off-road vehicles and other equipment around their property. Those machines can generate sparks, that, in turn, can start a fires.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid these potentially catastrophic pitfalls.

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The Forest Service urges people who use equipment on or near dry grass and brush to take these wildfire prevention precautions:

• Check blades, bearings and belts prior to use to ensure good working order.
• Check brakes and tires for proper inflation and tire condition.
• Check fire conditions for possible fire danger before you operate equipment.
• Comply with any conditions or restrictions regarding equipment use in your area.
• Do not park cars, trucks or recreational vehicles on dry vegetation. The exhaust system on a vehicle can reach a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees; it only takes about 500 degrees to start a wildfire in the summer.
• Use an approved spark arrestor on all internal combustion powered equipment.

For more information, including the Texas A&M Forest Service’s contact numbers, click here.

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